Meet the Twins

We are Jennifer and Ashley Rubin from Mill Valley, Ca. We are mirror image twins (Jen a lefty, Ash a righty) with almost opposite personalities, but when it comes to food we agree indefinitely. We both have a passion for healthy and delicious food. Granola was always a staple growing up, so we began re-inventing our own homemade recipe until we created something unique (like us). We crafted an irresistible blend of sweet and salty clusters and so began Symbol Snacks. It’s golden, crispy, crunchy and nutritionally superb. And it will leave you wanting more. 

Growing up, we never really fit in with the crowd, and we learned to be ok with that. It led us to a healthier, more mature lifestyle, one we don't regret. Being on the outside of the cool crowd taught us to think for ourselves and to become individuals in a society that so often blends into sameness. The only trend we adapted to, was the trend of clean eating and healthy food.

At Symbol Snacks, we strongly believe in eating well to symbolize a healthy life. Together we create snacks that encourage eating natural ingredients, with that homemade hint of something flavorful and familiar. We make sure to source only gluten free, soy free, dairy free, non-GMO, and non-artificial ingredients so you can eat our granola and feel good about it! It is our mission to give the world a cleaner crave, something satisfyingly better.

Take our granola with you on the road for a healthy convenient snack that will give you fuel for the day ahead. Find your bliss in our variety of enticing flavors! 

Sincerely, Jen & Ash